Alexandra (Alex) Tuck

Hello, My name is Alex. I am the virtual therapist here at Ascend and I’m humbled you are taking your time to review my bio. I am a North Carolina, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which licenses me to provide mental health therapy in person and online here in NC. I love working with adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, and families whom are willing to meet over our secured portal for therapy. This flexible and time saving format has been proven effective for busy young adults, adults, people with disabilities, parents, and working professionals. Online services can be difficult for children, so we leave this up to the discretion of the parent.

I am passionate about helping people reach their goals in a personable, comfortable, and non-stuffy way. I am elated we can offer online therapy to help clients in the comfort of their homes. Imagine not having to worry about child care, the drive to and from the office, and instead getting to cozy up to your pet, on your sofa, in your pajamas, with some hot tea, and notebook ready to dive in.

I truly believe the connection of the therapist with the client is the most healing parts of therapy. In as much, I have been blessed with an overflow of love and compassion for all the people I am honored to work with. I have always connected easily with others, even online, due to my outgoing, and personable nature and I know we can make online services work. I also have my own personal experiences that help me empathize and understand clients in an personal way that gives clients ease, and a degree of understanding that does not always happen with therapists.

My goal is to guide clients to their own answers, teach helpful skills, and get clients to where they no longer need me. I have the heart of a teacher and a passion to fill the gaps of skills, mindsets, and healing, that many of us did not learn growing up. I identify myself as Christian, wife, female, Hispanic/White, and a southern Yankee (I’ve been in NC since 2009). I find this important as we often do want to find people we can relate to on these dimensions and beliefs. This does not reject or rule out my working with anyone outside of those similar parameters, as the level of discussion and exploration on topics is up to you as the client.

I take an Eclectic approach to helping my clients reach their goals. My main approach is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, all with a person-centered, and trauma-informed lens. In addition to my eclectic style, I specialize in an array of concerns including faith and religion, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, ADHD, self-esteem, body image, health, wellness, finances, family, autism, and more. I offer free 15 minute phone calls if you would like to chat and see if we would be a good fit. Please contact the front office to book this call.

I am honored to possibly be part of your healing journey and hope to hear from you soon!

With Love,

Alexandra N. Tuck, LCSW

Philippians 4:13

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